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All producers must supply manufactured roping box pads for their respective rodeos.  (2013/2017)


Addition to Dress Code:   Jeans must not have holes; hat must have 3 inch brim.

A Contestant MUST Compete in 8 rodeos in an event to be eligible to compete in the ACA Finals Rodeo.  Rodeo is defined as a minimum of two (2) rough stock events and three (3) timed events. Timed Event only and Rough Stock Event only are not included in  the rodeo count.  

Effective: August 18, 2017: A judge or judge's designee shall have a copy of the draw at the roping boxes to verify that each contestant competes on the stock drawn for them.  In the event a contestant competes on the wrong stock it is a disqualification.

Barrel Racing:  The horizontal plane of the gate is the beginning of the arena.  A contestant must enter the arena in dress code which includes cowboy hat or helmet.  If you loose your hat in the alleyway or prior to breaking the plan of the gate, you will be disqualified.

Barrel Racing:  The barrels shall have a mark on the outside of the barrel to be used to align with the stake and tail.  The barrel shall be placed on the inside of the stake in alignment with the mark.  The tail shall be pulled vertically in alignment with the mark on the barrel.  The tail shall not be tucked under the barrel.  If the barrel is tipped, knocked over, or moved during a run, it shall be realigned as indicated.

All call-in rodeos or call-in for specific events shall have a designated time for call-in.  If a contested must notify turnout (TO) of an event, they must contact the producer by 11:00 a.m. for a day time rodeo and by 12:00 p.m. (noon) for a night time rodeo to draw out.  If contact is not made, the contestant will be considered a Not Notified Turnout (NNTO) and fees will be applied.  If a contestant has a doctor release (DR) or a vet release (VR), the contestant must contact the producer and/or producerís rodeo secretary as soon as possible.  A written verification must be provided to the ACA Secretary within seven (7) days of the event.  If the verification is not provided, they will be considered a Not Notified Turnout (NNTO) and fees will be applied.  (6/2017)
If a contestant calls in and enters a rodeo and is a not notified turnout (NNTO), the producer is not responsible for the entry fee and this entry is not counted in the payout.  The producerís rodeo secretary shall send the contestantís name in to the ACA Secretary.  The ACA Secretary will notify the contestant and request payment of the entire fee.   Until the fee is paid, their name will go on a suspended list.  Upon receiving payment, the ACA Secretary will make payment to the producer of the stock/timer charge.  The remaining amount of the fees will be divided as 5% and non-member fees (if applicable) to general account, the entry fee will be applied to the added money for that specific event for the finals rodeo.   This applies to members and non-members. (06/2017)

Overpayment to Contestant: The Producerís Rodeo Secretary and/or Producer shall notify the contestant as soon as possible and no longer than 14 days from the time of the error, that they have been overpaid and request the money to be returned.  Provided the money is returned within five (5) days of the notification, there will be no further action.

In the event the money is not returned within five (5) days, the producerís rodeo secretary and/or Producer shall notify the ACA Secretary in writing the details of the overpayment and the efforts made to collect the overpayment.  The ACA Secretary shall notify the contestant in writing and request payment.  In addition, the contestant will not be allowed to enter an ACA event until such time as the overpayment is returned.  Upon the ACA receiving the funds from the contestant, the Producer shall be reimbursed.

Underpayment to Contestant: The Producerís Rodeo Secretary and/or Producer shall notify the contestant as soon as possible that they have been underpaid.  The Producer has five (5) days from the time the error is determined to make payment to the contestant.    

A Producer is liable for rodeo secretary in regards to payouts

Any contestant that does not pay their fees at a rodeo is subject to a $100 fine in addition to the entry fees.  In addition, will be suspended from entry at all ACA sanctioned rodeos until the total amount due is paid.  The fine is at the discretion of the producer.

ROOKIE ELIGIBILITY: *To be eligible for rookie in the ACA, the member must not have won more than $350 in any card holding association with the exception of High School, Jr. High or Little Britches Associations.


All ACA Inquires, please direct to:
Arkansas Cowboys Association
Kellie Wells, Secretary
PO Box 70
Caulfield, MO 65626


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